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The Yellow Trunk is brought together by a shared passion that reflects in all that we do.

As artists, we believe in creating mindful designs and content that tell visual stories and cultivate value.

A trunk full of nostalgia, artistry, and ideas that drive our artistic expression.


Driven by perfection and an innate love for living each moment mindfully,  I am an art director with a love for all things soulful and desi.  There is something about Sufi poetry, music, patterns, textures, and colours that speak to me and reflects in what I do - Style, Photography, and Design. 


The very nature of my work is rooted in an innate sense of Indianness and comes from my experience of the people I've lived with and loved, of the cities I have traveled, and of moments that bring me joy.  I love letting my passion consume me as I weave elements of what inspires me into art that is reflective of what I stand for. 


When I am not working, you will find me dreaming, cooking, sipping a G&T, and probably thinking about work. (When you love what you do, it’s hard to stop. ) My eye for details in the process both inspires and drives me, making my work reflective of who I am.

Co-founder  |  Creative Director

An artist at heart, a photographer at play - my lens has become a natural part of my lifestyle. My sense of wonder comes from the emotions around me, from the people I meet, and the unspoken stories I come across. There is something exciting in capturing visuals that tell a story you might have normally missed. Open to experimentation and different interpretations,  I have a deep interest in a product and conceptual photography, and you will often catch me playing with light and colours. 


When I'm not behind the lens, you will most likely find me biking, traveling, or enjoying food... and though my friends and colleagues can vouch for all of the above, they don't seem too sure about my puns that erupt from time to time.


Co-founder  |  Photographer

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